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The Squirrel
(talpa europaea)
Grey Squirrel
Adult size (approx.): 26.5cm 500g
Essex & Herts Pest Control provide squirrel control protecting homes and businesses through Gidea Park and surrounding villages. Up to three visits will be required to eradicate a squirrel problem and stocked with the latest trapping equipment we ensure squirrels are eradicated fast and efficiently, removing the threat of damage, fire hazzards and unwanted noise.

We are fully qualified, fully insured, CRB compliant and carry ID at all times.

The grey squirrel is mainly a resident of woodland but can also be found in urban areas where they can live in parks and gardens wherever there are trees. They can take up residence in loft spaces of homes and commercial buildings. They feed on nuts, fruits, Birds' eggs and some chocolates such as Mars bars or Snickers.

There are 2 breeding seasons in the year for the Squirrel. The first, taking place from February to March. The litter is born after a gestation period of 45 days. The young are then weaned at 10 weeks old. The second litter is born between June and July, leaving the nest in August and September. The litters average 3, with a range of 1-7 young.

Problems Caused
The most serious damage takes place in urban areas where the Squirrel enters the roof space of a house. Here they can strip wires of the insulation, chew beams, scratch plasterboard and tear fibreglass insulation to form a drey. They have also been known to drown in cold-water storage tanks, contaminating the water.

We use live traps to eradicate grey squirrels.
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