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The House Mouse
(mus domesticus)
House mouse
Adult size (approx.): 9cm 18g
We provide prompt and professional rodent control protecting homes and businesses throughout Widdington and surrounding villages. Three visits will eradicate most domestic or commercial mouse problems, if you are a business in the Widdington area requiring annual pest control, our annual pest control service agreements are reasonably priced and stocked with the latest rodenticides and trapping equipment we ensure your rodent problems are managed professionally.

We are fully qualified, fully insured, CRB compliant and carry ID at all times.

The House Mouse tends to avoid wet or damp conditions sticking to warm, dry environments. In size comparison, a fully-grown House Mouse will still be smaller than a young Rat, with distinctive features. These include a grey/brown fur with a lighter underbelly with small ears. They generally feed on small grains which they de-husk before eating and also enjoy moistened foods with vegetable oils. They can exist on very little water, largely because of the moisture content in the food that they eat.

Sourcing where the rodent's entry points are, need to be found. The use of tracking dusts can be used for this. Proofing of all entry points are vital re holes in cavity walls and doors fitted with bristle strips etc. Baiting or trapping can also take place with the use of single or multi catch traps or snapper traps. Baiting can be undertaken if the rodents are found to be coming in from outside with the use of bait boxes. Decisions can be made after thorough surveys on the best action to take.
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