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The Mole
(talpa europaea)
Adult size (approx.): 12cm-16cm 110g
Essex & Herts Pest Control provide a mole catching service for Barkingside and surrounding villages. Moles are destructive, whether it's one mole or an army of moles damaging your land, our traditional methods with trapping equipment will remove your mole problems with guaranteed results.

A one-off treatment plan comprising of three visits will be required to complete a successful mole course. Mole treatments are available for residential gardens and commercial land. Annual contracts are also available providing protection all-year-round.

Essex Mole catcher available 7 days a week. All moles caught or no-fee!

We are fully qualified, fully insured, CRB compliant, ID carried at all times.

The Mole is found throughout Britain mainly in areas of good soil suitable for tunneling. They avoid areas that have stony, waterlogged or acidic soil. They are most abundant in permanent grassland and deciduous woodland. But can also be found in residential gardens, parks, cemeteries, golf courses etc.

The Mole is a solitary mammal and lives predominantly underground. They feed mainly on earthworms but also on other various invertebrates including slugs and insect larvae. The breeding season lasts from February to June with normally just 1 litter per year. After a 4-week gestation period, the young are born, 5 weeks later; they will leave the nest to start their own tunneling system.

The most damage will be in agriculture. Soil from Molehills in grass silage can result in spoilt unpalatable silage and is a likely source of Listeriosis in Sheep. Molehills can spoil the look of areas such as cemeteries, parks and golf courses. Crop damage can occur in when the Mole tunnels under seedlings and plants resulting in wilting and sometimes death.

Control is relatively easy with the use of traditional traps, which can be placed in tunnel systems. Gassing is not a reliable enough method for mole control.
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