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Q. Does Essex & Herts Pest Control cover my area?
A. We cover Essex & East Hertfordshire.
Q. I hear noises in the loft late at night what could this be?
A. It sounds as if a rodent has found its way into the loft. This is a common problem.Birds do not move around at night, If its a squirrel most movement will stop around 10pm. Mice and Rats will move around till the early hours. A roof survey is required.
Q. How much does your service cost?
A. There are fixed prices for certain treatments such as wasps. Other treatments may need a site survey, this is provided to both domestic and commercial customers. A call out charge will made where a visit is made and treatment is not carried out. We assess the situation and offer up front pricing.
Q. What are your open times?
A. We are open from 8am till 6pm Monday-Friday Weekends 10am-4pm.
Q. How soon can you come out?
A. We always aim to provide a same-day appointment, this is subject to availability.
Q. What about bees?
A. Bees are beneficial to the environment, If you discover a bee colony suspended in a bush, tree or out-building please contact your nearest bee keeper at:
Q. Are Honey Bees Protected?
A. In accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, no variety of bee is protected. However, it is unethical and unacceptable for Honey Bees or Bumble Bees to be destroyed without exceptional reason.
Q. I have Bats in the loft, can I get rid of them?
A. In short, no, Bats are a protected species you must not harm, disturb or move them. Please check out for more information.
Q. Can you leave me with extra poison for future use?
A. No this cannot be done under any circumstances.
Q. Can you tell me about 'Wooly Bears'?
A. They are the larvae of the varied carpet beetle and will damage natural fibres and leather products. They often come into the house via birds nests in roof spaces or infected carpets. They like dark and poorly lit areas.
Q. How quickly can you get rid of my mouse problem?
A. It depends on the nature of the infestation, the numbers of mice and the property infested, but rule of thumb would be 2 - 3 weeks.
Q. What diseases do rats carry?
A. Rats carry a whole host of diseases the most important disease is Weil's Disease ( Leptospirosis ) which can be fatal if early symptoms are not detected. Other diseases include Murine-Typhus and a range of gastro intestinal ailments.
Q. After treatment, how long does it take a wasps nest to be completely eradicated?
A. The time taken to die off will depend on access to the nest. If the nest can be treated directly, then it may take about an hour to die but we normally allow up to a day.
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