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Essex & Herts Pest Control Privacy Policy
GDPR Compliance
Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd receives data from the general public who make general enquiries regarding our services.

The collection of public data is received in one of four ways;

1. Over the telephone, receiving hand written information.
2. Over the telephone, receiving voicemail messages.
3. Digital online enquiry forms.
4. SMS message enquiries.

Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd only store public data for our accounting and HMRC auditing purposes only.

We do not use public data for marketing purposes, ‘in house’ nor is public data passed to third parties whatsoever.

All public data received by us is deleted, except for our accounting purposes and HMRC auditing purposes.

How public data is received and deleted.

1. Over the telephone, hand written information, this information is shredded.
2. Over the telephone via voicemail this information is deleted.
3. Online enquiry forms, this information is deleted.
4. SMS message, this is deleted.

Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd store public data for our accounting and HMRC auditing purposes on a PC and on an external hard drive as a backup. Our PC and external hard drive are locked in a secure location daily when not in use, ensuring, if in the unlikely event our premises are burgled or in the event of a fire public data will remain secure at all times.

Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd data protection policy is in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (DDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd, our data policy is all information received by us and subsequently stored by us is managed in secure safe environment, where information is not stored it is deleted.
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